Visual Effects

It’s not just what you say, or what you play, but how great it looks. Your guests will pay more attention if you’re keeping them interested on as many senses as possible.

We can supply all kinds of services to make a visual impact at your event. Want to show family pictures during the speeches at your anniversary party or special birthday event? Maybe there’s video of the bride and groom when they first met that would make for a sweet moment during their wedding reception?

For those who can’t be there in person, videos are often a great way to include them in the event. Play those back to the room on LED screens, or if you want to get truly cinematic, we have projectors and projection screens available too.

We can also provide those services in a professional setting. Need to show off your amazing new product? Want to play back customer testimonials for prospective buyers to see? We can provide the screens to do it.

Branding is key to many businesses, and we can help you keep your branding and logos prominent all over the venue as needed. For popular events, our LED screens or projections screens can keep speakers and contents visible to even the largest room full of people.

And when you really want to make an impression? We’ve got smoke and dry-ice machines, foam cannons and pyrotechnics available too. From the calmest event to the wildest party, Fresh Entertainment has everything you need.

For additional services, from marquee hire to trussing, please check out the other pages.

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