Whether it’s a packed gig in Grand Casemates Square or a corporate event indoors, Fresh Entertainment can help you source and install a stage to support a single speaker or a full-scale concert.

Safe, secure, sized to your requirements, we can make sure you have a stage that handles all of your sound and lighting equipment, as well as having room to walk, talk or just rock out in front of a crowd.

Our expertise will help you determine the size and elevation needed for your event. Step out on stage and be confident that you’ll be the centre of attention for all the right reasons.

Maybe it’s a small stage for a wedding band, or the focal point at your product launch. Backdrops and lighting rigs, appropriate surfaces and support mechanisms, we have you covered on every detail.

If you have a band or artist visiting, just let us know the specifications and we’ll get this arranged for you. Want us to handle that directly? Check out our Artist Management services.