We’re your first and only stop for the hire of sound and lighting equipment in Gibraltar. Fresh Entertainment can provide a bespoke set up catering exactly to your event and how you want to run it.

Make the best possible impression with high quality sound in every inch of the space. Nobody wants to be greeted by tinny sound or squeals of feedback. Get the right equipment at the right hire prices, and speak to us about installation too.

Mixing desks, turntables, recording equipment. From the studio to the dancefloor, we can provide everything you need. Illuminate your speakers or performers, shape the space with shadows and light, whatever you need to make a splash we can supply.

Industry standard, professional grade sound and lighting equipment from top quality brands that you already know and trust. All this is available at competitive rates, with delivery and installation all over Gibraltar available. We can take the hassle out of soundchecks and rigging your stage.

Check out our 4W RGB lasers, now in stock!

Fresh Entertainment know the products and what they’re capable of. Whether you’re a seasoned pro yourself or hosting your first event, we can guide you to exactly what you require.

Sound great. Look great

For additional services, from marquee hire to trussing, please check out the other pages.

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